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Plant a tree
It is good for the air, can keep you cool, and can increase your property value.

Ann Buckley: Our priceless natural assets are at risk

Campdown, in Havant, where it is feared the green space could be lost to housing

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 28th November 2016


CAMPDOWN is a heritage area situated in a green gap between Havant, Purbrook and west Bedhampton – and its millennia-long history is under threat.

With a past […]

Friends of the Earth Speech to Havant Borough Council on Residential Development regarding greenfield areas

“Unless you reject the Housing Statement in front of you and reset the terms of reference to help your officers come up with more genuinely sustainable solutions, much of what makes Havant Borough a special place will be lost forever”

Havant Friends of the Earth leader, Sue Holt, Addressing Havant Borough Council’s Cabinet […]

Havant Borough Council pledge to voice infrastructure needs to government

Forty Acres at Bedhampton Picture: Malcolm Wells (160712-1991)

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 17th November 2016

Story by Danny Randon


LEADERS at Havant Borough Council have vowed that they will get the best deal possible when planning for new homes.

More than 150 people met the council cabinet yesterday to […]