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Green IT firm cashes in

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Published in the Portsmouth News on Friday 15th February 2013

AN IT firm says the recession is being good for business, as it is supplying refurbished equipment to firms watching the pennies.

Oden Services, of Havant, collects broken or unused computer equipment, repairs it, and then sells it on to other firms.

It says it has saved almost 42,000 metric tonnes of flatscreen monitors alone being sent to landfill in the five years the company has been running – the equivalent of 28 40ft storage containers.

Its managing director, Paul Seward, said: ‘Even if the hazardous material had been stripped and incinerated, and all relevant parts recycled as far as theoretically possible, it still would still have produced 168 metric tons of waste for landfill. This is an unnecessary waste.’

Oden Services facebook page

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