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Get rid of baths
Do not take baths, take showers. You will save about half the amount of water that you would if you were taking a bath.
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Introduction: Renewable Energy
Passive Solar, Heat Recovery, Heating, Generating your own Electricity,
Solar Thermal, Wood burning stoves and sources of wood, Wood Recycling,
Our house as an example.
Beginner Home Insulation
Loft Insulation Costs
Grants for Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation
Saving Energy
Saving Water
Living with a Woodburner
Grants for Renewable Energy
Links and Phone Numbers


Energy Saving Trust (02072) 220101

Affordable Energy (08000) 966356

Total Home Environment (08452) 600123

Sustainable Build – Passive Solar Design


Natural Insulations (01920) 821069 / (07761) 075746

Recovery Insulation UK Energy Green Homes (Insulation Grants) (08006) 129448

Solar Thermal Energy

Navitron (01572) 725512

Apricus Solar Hot Water

Reuse and Recycle

Havant Freecycle Portsmouth Gumtree

Green Electricity

Ecotricity (08000) 302302

Green Energy UK (08009) 540675

Good Energy (01249) 766091