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Havant Borough Council under fire for removing paper banks

Ray Cobbett

UNHAPPY Ray Cobbett, who thinks the paper recycling bins should not be removed in Havant

Published in the Portsmouth News on 16th April 2015

A COUNCIL’S decision to remove paper recycling banks from a town have prompted an angry response from green campaigners.

Steve Perkins, the head of environmental services at Havant Borough Council, says the increase in the number of people recycling at home, combined with a rise in the costs associated with the paper banks, means it is no longer cost-effective.

They will be phased out during May and June.

Twenty paper banks at various sites across the town will be removed and instead people will recycle their paper through their fortnightly kerbside collections.

Textile recycling and new-style glass banks will remain in place.

But Ray Cobbett, the Hampshire co-ordinator of Friends of the Earth, is not happy.

He said: ‘Coming soon after the decision to reduce the hours of opening of recycling centres, we question the council’s commitment to recycling generally.

‘If the present service is not cost-effective for the present contractor, find another one.

‘Perhaps a social enterprise?’

Facilities for recycling large amounts of paper and cardboard will be retained at the Household Waste Recycling 

Mr Perkins said: ‘Since we introduced alternate weekly recycling collections there has been a steady decline in the use of the paper banks.

‘This, together with a significant price increase for the servicing and emptying of the banks would not be cost-effective.’

The paper banks being removed are in: Asda Havant; Asda Waterlooville; Borrows Field car park; Eagle Avenue car park; Elm Grove car park; Hampshire Rose public house; Hollybank Lane Recreation Ground car park; Havant Leisure Centre car park; Middle Park Way shops; Mission Lane car park; Old Post Office, East Street, Havant; One Stop, Emsworth Road, Palmers Road car park; Purbrook Chase Precinct; South Street car park; Stakes Community Centre; Tesco, Havant; Tidworth Road car park; Westbrook Centre car park; Wickes, Havant.

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