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Heat from the Earth, Geothermal Energy Talk and debate

Southampton District Energy Scheme CO2 saved Geothermal

Havant Friends of the Earth winter season of activities starts with a talk and debate on geothermal energy. Hot springs go back thousands of years and were well understood by the Romans who used them at Bath. The best known modern local example is Southampton’s district heating scheme. Launched in the eighties it now has thousands of customers that include a hospital, civic offices and several hotels and is 85% efficient compared with 35% from a conventional power station.

Dr Graham Giles MBE, the guest speaker, will focus on the Southampton installations and the potential for expansion.

The meeting is open to all and further information is available from

For Further information please contact Ray Cobbett on (07850) 604490

The Wheelwright’s Arms
27 Emsworth Road


Thursday 22nd October


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