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Do not get a paper phone book
Instead of getting a paper phone book. Use a online directory instead.

Havant Borough Council to declare a climate emergency

Havant Climate Alliance is a coalition of local residents, community groups and businesses. We are campaigning for Havant Borough Council to declare a climate emergency.

Urgent action is needed to reduce the risks our community faces from climate change. Havant Borough Council can and should take action by declaring a climate emergency. We want Havant to be a safer, greener and healthier place to live, study and work.

When a local authority declares a climate emergency it can help produce a clear action plan and drive community wide action. We want Havant Borough Council to:

Declare an emergency
Pledge to be carbon free by 2030
Produce an action plan within six months
Provide a progress report each year
Request more powers and money from central government
Inform and work with residents, community groups and businesses to achieve these aims

Havant Climate Alliance: for a safer, greener, healthier community

Click the web link below to sign the petition

Havant FoE Talk: 29th May at 7pm

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