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Footpath loss angers locals at Emsworth homes plan exhibition

The Westwood Close development in Emsworth

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 1st March 2018
Story by Tamara Siddiqui


A PUBLIC exhibition to showcase plans for a new development and gain feedback from residents was held at a community centre.

Curious members of the public visited Emsworth Community Centre to learn more about Hampshire Homes’ plans to build 49 homes off Westwood Close, in Emsworth.

The move follows the Development Consultation Forum held at Havant Borough Council’s Public Service Plaza in January.

But some of those who attended said the boards of information, which were on display yesterday, told them ‘nothing new’.

Ray Cobbett, chair of the Havant branch of Friends of the Earth and who opposes the development, said: ‘Most of what I’ve seen today I’ve seen before, except for the very basic designs.

‘This is over-development on a valued piece of land – a green space with Emsworth on one side and Westbourne on the other.

‘The development isn’t even needed to meet the council’s housing targets.

‘It should have been designated as a green space by the council because it includes a much-loved historical footpath, which will now be diverted into a flood zone.’

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World's first plastic-free aisle opens in Netherlands supermarket

Campaigners hail progress as Amsterdam store offers dedicated aisle of more than 700 products, with plans for a national roll-out

The first plastic-free aisle comes amid growing concern about the damage from plastic waste, with figures showing UK supermarkets are a major source. Photograph: Mar Photographics/Alamy

Published on The Guardian website on the 25th February 2018


Shoppers in the Netherlands will get the chance to visit Europe’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle on Wednesday in what campaigners claim is an turning point in the war on plastic pollution.

The store in Amsterdam will open its doors at 11am when shoppers will be able to choose from more than 700 plastic-free products, all available in one aisle.

The move comes amid growing global concern about the damage plastic waste is having on oceans, habitats and food chains. Scientists warn plastic pollution is now so widespread it risks permanent contamination of the natural world.

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Havant Friends of the Earth - Observations on the 2036 Havant Draft Local Plan (DLP) 15th February 2018


Previous plans and studies for the revival of Havant’s historic town centre have come to nothing while hideously inappropriate schemes in a designated conservation area such as 13-storey blocks of flats and change of use of a landmark historic building into a casino have been approved (and since failed) serve only to send out confusing messages about what Havant historic town centre wants to be. It is now proposed to re-draw the town centre boundary and find other uses for East Street with more listed buildings than any other in the borough. This looks suspiciously like an attempt to relegate what is essentially a regeneration challenge to the back burner.

The draft plan fails to specify how East Street (architecturally the finest in the borough) will be developed other than a vague commitment to a new Master Plan. There is little evidence of any consultation over the proposed new boundary with the 20 or more East Street businesses or their customers (including The Spring, the town’s main provider of arts and entertainment) The Meridian Centre does need to be repurposed on its upper floor for leisure activities like a new cinema to help the night time economy and fill the space vacated by the library if and when it moves (where?).

In the Market Parade area, the land at present allocated to car parking should re-designated as a public transport hub that could include the station forecourt area. The story of Havant town centre is that everything is mostly in the wrong place while the council has failed over years to make it an investible proposition for commercial property companies.

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