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Technology Park is greener thanks to biomass energy source

Published in the Portsmouth News on Friday 12th October 2012

LANGSTONE Technology Park has raised its green credentials by introducing renewable energy across its site in Havant.

Haven Power (part of Drax Power) has been selected as the supplier of ‘Biomass’ energy to Langstone Technology Park.

Biomass is the fourth largest energy source in the world after coal, oil and gas.

It is made by burning organic waste and crops, and its energy is collected while being carbon neutral.

It is estimated that by 2050 it could supply the world with 10 to 20 per cent of its primary energy requirements.

Langstone Technology Park is run by facilities management company Fasset.

Fasset’s business excellence manager, Shirley Cuthbertson leads the company’s environmental programme.

She said: ‘The introduction of bio-mass is a huge coup for Fasset, cementing our commitment to further developing environmental awareness across our business and on behalf of the business parks we currently operate.

‘We are giving companies the ability to positively impact their own green credentials just by doing what they are doing; complementing their own initiatives and raising awareness.

‘I am confident that we are one of the only business parks in the area to adopt this level of environmental commitment and hope that others follow our lead.’

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