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Inflate your tires
If your tires are inflated properly at all times your car will run more miles on less petrol.

British Airports Authority (BAA) is set to expand Southampton Airport and other across the UK.


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Friends of the Earth Hampshire network has linked with Greenpeace and local residents groups to launch Against eXpansion at Eastleigh (AXE) to oppose the plan. AXE says that trebling flights from Southampton will intensify the carbon footprint, increase noise pollution and add to the congestion on local approach roads. Nationally FOE wants VAT added to fuel and aviation emissions added to the EU’s Carbon trading scheme.

what does your holiday cost?

DO YOU REALISE that in general short-haul flights generate more carbon dioxide per passenger-kilometer than any other transportation?

DO YOU REALISE that CO2 emissions from aviation in the UK are already the highest in Europe, and expected to double in 15 years?

DO YOU REALISE that 77% of the growth expected at Southampton Airport will be in flights within the UK?

DO YOU REALISE that 45% of flights in Europe are less than 500 Km distance?

The alternatives to short-haul flights

Trains and coaches produce around 10% of the CO2 emissions produced per passenger-km by aviation. With over 7.5 million flights within European airspace in 1998, there is a lot of scope to move short haul flights to rail. As well as less pollution, rail companies also can boast faster check in times, city centre to city centre travel and less frequent delays than most airlines.

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, it is very easy to travel in Europe by train. A Eurostar journey to Brussels or Paris provides opportunities for train connections to a wide range of destinations across Europe.

Check DB Bahn to find details of train times for any journey in Europe.

Tesco’s Store in Havant


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Friends of the Earth – Every little helps – Tesco – Youtube Video

Tesco has replaced its existing store on an edge of town site in Havant with a massive new store in the same location. The new store has a gross area of 9,300 sq.m (compared to 3,979 sq m at present). It could potentially undermine small business, including the few remaining chemists, opticians and convenience stores in the area. Further traffic congestion is inevitable in a location which already has unacceptably high CO2 and PM10 levels.

Palm oil bio-fuel. Not a good idea!

Biofuels Campaigners

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Palm oil plantations are springing up throughout Malaysia and Indonesia to provide cash crops to local farmers. Palm oil is used extensively in a wide range of consumer products and the demand for it is growing. Forest are being felled and even worse burned to make space. Highly endangered species such as the orang utan are being driven out their habitats and cared for in special refuges. The FOE was the burning and clearances stopped and bought under UN control. FOE groups are urging the UK government to bring pressure as well asking companies to adopt corporate and social responsibility for their products.

Hands off our Trees

Havant FOE moved swiftly to highlight danger facing a much loved local tree near Havant Park. It won assurances from officials that the tree would remain unharmed. Trees everywhere must be cared for so if you hear of any under threat, contact Havant FoE now.
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Friends of Idelwood

Idlewood Protest

Idelwood is is small deciduous forest situated in Longwood in Cowplain. It traces its ancestry beyond the Forest of Bere. In private ownership the owner who lived in a house in the forest died and very soon the house fell into disrepair. Soon developers applied to build a private residence for retired people. The Development would have fundamentally changed the ancient forest Local residents with little experience of campaigning enlisted FoE and other groups and succeeded is getting the site designated a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).