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Planting trees for a tasty future


Members of the Havant Transition Network are joined by residents to plant trees in Hooks Row, Bedhampton

Published in the Portsmouth News on Saturday 3rd March 2012

FAMILIES picked up their shovels and put in some welly to transform an empty strip of land.

Residents from across Havant joined together to plant more than 100 fruit and nut trees in Hooks Row, Bedhampton.

It was the brainchild of Havant Transition Network (HTN), an environmental group which aims to make a difference to the lives of the community through subtle changes.

The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust and will be a great source of food for residents to use in jams and pies.

Mark Willenbruch, from HTN, said: ‘It went really well.

‘There were around 15 of us altogether and we spent the day digging and planting.

‘We planted native varieties such as crab apples, nut trees and blackthorns.

‘We chose this piece of land as we felt it had been a bit neglected over the years. It’s surrounded by houses and there’s easy access to it so residents can easily get in and look after them and pick the fruit.

‘We have lots of other ideas in the pipeline that we would love residents to be involved in.’

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