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Read how Election 2015 Candidates would like to make Havant Greener

General Election 2015

Havant Parliamentary Constituency Candidates Environmental Statements



Candidate: Dr. Graham Giles


Nuclear fission or Fracking?

Due to a lack of investment in renewable energy and appropriate energy saving initiatives in this country over the past 5 years, it is inevitable that we need some nuclear power generation for the next 30 years. However, we must invest more in renewable energy including carbon-free geothermal energy. We should also adopt a precautionary principle against new fossil-fuel power generation I certainly oppose fracking for environmental, health and economic reasons. Given the complexity of our local geology, population density, and the importance of local aquifers to our water supply, it would be extremely ill-advised to permit gas-fracking anywhere along the south coast.

I support a new generation of efficient, safe nuclear power plants on existing sites because it is essential for our growing industrial, scientific and domestic requirements. Investment in 21st Century Nuclear Fission is part of Labour’s integrated UK strategy to provide all the energy we need without harming the planet.

Wind Turbines?

I’m not against the construction of efficient coastal and off-shore wind turbines in principle, as long as they’re appropriately located with proper environmental impact assessments. This should include negotiated benefits for local residents and businesses in terms of financial and energy incentives. There are clear advantages in renewable technologies like wind and solar power, as turbines and solar panels can ultimately be removed and landscapes easily reinstated. Such innovation is to be preferred over fracking, which causes permanent environmental damage in pollution to springs and aquifers. It also releases other seriously global warming gasses such as methane. Natural gas may be cleaner than coal, but it is still a damaging fossil fuel.

People once expressed reasonable objections to land turbines on the basis of perceived ugliness and disturbance. This is much less a matter of concern these days, not least as people admire their sculptural elegance and clean technology. Modern windmills have become familiar landmarks across Britain and Europe replacing the belching coal power stations, which were so ubiquitous and unhealthy in past generations.

Empowering Havant and Hayling Island

In Parliament I will champion affordable geothermal power for Havant and Hayling Island families and businesses through European green energy grants (as Labour MP Alan Whitehead did in Southampton). This zero-carbon sustainable energy resource is drawn from the hot aquifer located 1000 metres below the Island and Havant. It is environmentally friendly, requiring no fracking, no injection of toxic chemicals and no re-drilling.

The only discharge into the atmosphere is water vapour! Unlike wind and solar energy, geothermal heat and power is permanently available. Low cost green energy would be the single most attractive key to incoming investment and entrepreneurialism. It would boost business profits in line with local interests.

Green Infrastructure

Developing and improving off-road cycleways will benefit commuters and leisure riders as an alternative to the main Havant road. I would help negotiate shared rights-of-way, focusing on providing safe routes especially to is- land schools. We should target European Community sponsorship for an ambitious Havant and Hayling cycle infra- structure as other cities and towns have. This would include a full upgrade of the Hayling Billy and construction of a leisure bridge. This sensible sustainable strategy anticipates multiple benefits to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, preserve flood defenses and boost green tourism. The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is targeting €6 billion for cycling between 2014-2020, including construction of 50,000 km of new cycle paths. Cycle project grants can be obtained from various programmes and agencies. In principle, cycling initiatives are eligible for funding in the EU policy areas of transport, energy, environment, health, regional development and tourism.

I’ve been asked: “If you were elected as a Member of Parliament and could enact one single new law to benefit positively life in Britain, what would it be?” This is my answer.

Solar PV panels on all south-facing roofs to generate electricity

I invested in 18 SolarPV panels on my roof three years ago. They already generated more than 14,000 kW hrs. My quarterly electric bill averages about £15. Imagine what benefits such installations could make to families and enterprises in Hampshire and to our environment across the country.

30% of our national energy demand is domestic. This is a win win win policy, for our environment, our energy economy, our family budgets, and our local neighbourhood enterprises. Solar PV panels not only efficiently return installation costs within 5 years (less in Havant and Hayling where sunlight is 150% above the national average), they also significantly reduce family electricity bills, provide skilled apprenticeships & employment, create permanent business opportunities, and achieve sustainable zero-carbon energy to protect the planet.



Green Party

Candidate: Tim Dawes


The Green Party in Havant aims to bring sustainability and social justice to the heart of policy and decision-making. These challenges are large, national and global; but they are also small, local and on our doorstep. Here are a few local policies we have espoused that will help:


We have campaigned for the maintenance of Hampshire subsidies to local bus routes and the retention and further development of our public services buses. Nationally, Greens would bring back regional transport authorities and regulate subsidised services. Locally we campaign for better late evening services, especially for Leigh Park and Hayling. We are also campaigning for a new limited stop rail station to be positioned where Barton’s Road crosses the main Portsmouth / Waterloo line.


Greens want to see more housing, especially new council housing, to meet the demand of the 1.8 million people on the housing waiting lists nationally. However, we will oppose all development on school playing fields and grade 1 and 2 agricultural land. Instead we advocate use of brown field sites and only giving planning permission for new retail development when it has a significant component of housing included. Several hundred new housing units could have been included in the East Havant retail expansion areas had this provision been made.

Walking, cycling and street use

We would have 20 mph limits and more traffic free and traffic calmed spaces in our urban areas – giving our street space back to a variety of users. Cycling planning locally has been poor and needs much great priority. The N22 route through Havant is plain wrong and ridiculous, it needs re-routing and proper provision made for lanes and signing. We want to see cycle crossing provided in key locations including: Across the Hayling Road at Langstone (linking the two sections of the Billy line) and south of the Hayling Bridge. We support the call for a proper cycle bridge across the route to Hayling and for a north-south hard surface route away from the road across the island. We also want to see a radical redesign of cycle routes around Emsworth, particularly on the North Street / New Brighton Road section that is especially dangerous.

Local food

We want to promote local market provision for local producers, very local producers not those from 50 miles away. To sustain this we urgently need to provide land for Community Supported Agriculture projects near to our built up area. In our view the “gaps” would be particular suited to this use. We would also seek to purchase land publicly for rented small holdings and more allotments.


We oppose fracking and will seek to protect our local water and countryside from this- real and present threat. The IPCC says we need to leave two-thirds of known fossil fuel resources in the ground if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. Going after the last drops of the stuff using an extraordinary dirty and dangerous technology is a strategic and practical nonsense. We support green energy and will act as advocates for solar PV, geothermal, wind and tidal projects locally.


We will campaign for separate kerbside collections of glass and food waste. Whilst all of these local policies will help fight climate change, there is an urgent need for more determined action at all levels to radically reduce carbon emissions and so fight climate change. This is and will remain the main environmental focus of our politics.



Liberal Democrats

Councillor Steve Sollitt


A Green Buildings Bill to require every home to be properly insulated by 2035, keeping bills down, cutting car- bon, and keeping people cool in summer and warm in winter. Everyone who insulates their home fully will get

£100 off their Council Tax for 10 years; we will create a new “feed out tariff” to reward people who install solid wall insulation. Rented homes will have to be fully insulated (to Band C) by 2027. And everyone who is “fuel poor” will be eligible to have their home upgraded by this date.

A Zero Carbon Britain Bill to green our electricity

This will set an ambitious 2030 target to reduce carbon emissions from the power sector to between 50-100g CO2 per kWh, and getting rid of coal power generation by 2025. Continuing the shift to cleaner energy, supported by the Green Investment Bank, will support 250,000 low carbon jobs by 2020.

More energy market competition, to help keep down bills

You will be able to switch supplier to save money in just 24 hours, and we will take on the big 6, setting a target for 30% of the energy market to be supplied by independent companies instead.

Here in Havant the issues around housing and the built environment are both significant as in many growing towns.

My local priorities include:

Ensuring that house building is sustainable

Preference should be made for brownfield sites over Greenfield ones but accepting that some Greenfield development is needed.

Working to ensure new properties are fitted with solar panels or other means of energy generation

Infrastructure should be in place so that new developments don’t put undue pressures on surrounding areas and this would involve discussions with the CCG for health provision and the County around education and road infrastructure

In addition the potential to use tidal energy in the waters around Hayling Island for cheaper renewable energy is vital. The importance of using alternatives to fossil fuel and thinking ahead is so important to our own and our planets future.




Councillor John Perry


It is UKIP policy that green field development should be minimised with focus being placed on brown field development sites of which 800,000 have been identified by UKIP. I fully support this objective and have argued against green field development in council meetings in my role as a Havant councillor.

UKIP also supports local referenda on important local matters so giving local people the final say on potentially significant infrastructure projects in our Borough and this is a policy I believe in too. Within the Havant Borough, we have seen the ruling party fully supporting a huge house building programme in the constituency which is driven by the Coalition Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to support the rapidly increasing UK population of which net annual immigration of 3000,000 (over 5 times the Havant constituency voters) contributes significantly.

However, the Borough’s infrastructure has been ignored. We have continued congestion on Hayling Island, by the Langstone Technology Park rear exit and Havant Town Centre with funds being denied to address the situation.

It is our policy that infrastructure improvements must go hand in hand with development and this is something I would ensure happens.

I have always supported cycling in the Borough, and I would like to see investment in safe cycle ways since I’ve been cycling here since 1979 when I first moved to Havant to work. Cycling is both healthy and good for the environment, but the provision of safe cycling has been ignored and I have pledged my support to Cycle Hayling with their objectives to provide better facilities.

I welcome the drive to install solar panels on private houses and schools since this results in fossil fuel saving; however, I do not agree with solar farms particularly on high grade agricultural land. I do not support any wind turbines since they are not cost effective, noisy and an eye-sore.

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