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Change to fluorescent bulbs
If every house in the UK changed all of the light bulbs in their house, that would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the road.

Tackling climate change, reducing poverty

Tackling climate change, reducing poverty
The first report of the Roundtable on Climate Change and Poverty in the UK
Tackling climate change

This report represents the coming together of leading environmental and social justice organisations in the UK.

Download full report
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Despite being a wealthy country, in the UK poverty is an ongoing problem. According to Oxfam GB today 1 in 5 people in the UK don’t have enough to live on. There were 2.9 million children and 2.5 million pensioners living in poverty in the UK in 2006/2007. Children go to school hungry, or to bed without enough food. Poor communities are in poorer health and have shorter life expectancy.

On the issue of climate change, there is an emerging consensus that we have less than a decade to seriously reduce carbon emissions before potentially irreversible changes to the climate begin to happen. If we fail, we will outstrip our ability to maintain a climate conducive to supporting stable societies – with potentially disastrous effects. A future of uncontrolled climate change will mean heat waves, rises in sea level, flooding, and unpredictable weather that will create upheaval in the UK. It will affect vital systems on which we all depend, such as growing food and energy supplies. It will directly affect human health, housing and livelihoods.


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