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Up to 200 new homes planned for ‘green gap’ between Havant and Emsworth

HOMES BID The area could be developed for housing

By Elise Brewerton
Publishedin the Portsmouth News on Wednesday 29th February 2012

FARMLAND and a former garden nursery are at the centre of plans for almost 200 new homes.

Developers want to build in a chunk of the green gap between Havant and Emsworth and look set to make major changes to sort out the Denvilles area traffic problems.

The two parcels of land will be developed separately – the former Manor Farm by David Wilson Homes and Copsey’s Nursery by the Generator Group.

But the two firms have joined together to find a solution to the congestion at the level crossing in Southleigh Road.

Julian Jones, development director, said: ‘We’re looking at 190 units, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, depending on how the planning process goes, of two, three, four and five bedroom properties.

‘We’ve been in dialogue with Havant Borough Council for about a year now but these things take a long time to come forward because we have had to address the issues the council has raised such as the effect on the level crossing.

‘It’s the only crossing on that stretch which doesn’t have a passenger footbridge and we will be working with Network Rail to try and address that.

‘A lot depends on what comes out of the Development Consultation Forum.’

Developers, architects and planners will be at an exhibition outlining the plans at St Faith’s Church Hall, The Pallant next week.

One of those who will be there is Keith Chessell, of Castle Avenue, Warblington.

The former chairman of the Warblington and Denvilles Residents’ Association, said: ‘My opinion is that we have to build houses somewhere and this is a place that has been set aside for building houses for many years.

‘The big problem has always been the railway crossing. There’s a concern about traffic flow and what this will mean at the barriers but I know there is talk that the developer may pay for it.’

The exhibition is on Tuesday, March 6, from 1.30pm to 7pm.

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