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Volunteers are needed for Bedhampton project

Groundwork LogoGroundwork Solent

Published in the Portsmouth News on Saturday 5th January 2013

PEOPLE are being offered the opportunity to fulfil their new year’s resolutions of giving back and getting healthy

Groundwork Solent, an environmental charity based in Gosport, is putting together a team of volunteers for clearing and laying a new pathway in Bedhampton alongside the Hermitage stream.

Working with experienced staff, people will be able to gain valuable work experience and have the opportunity to learn new skills in a scenic and friendly environment.

The work will take place from Monday until January 31st.

The charity has arranged for volunteers to be picked up at Groundwork Solent’s office in Stoke Road, Gosport, from 9am and from The Hub, in Park Parade, Leigh Park, from 9.50am.

Anyone wishing to join in can contact Gary Connor on (07535) 308193 or email

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