Get your Bee Saver Kit from Friends of the Earth and help save British bees

Bees are in serious trouble. Their numbers have fallen dramatically in recent years, affected by disease, chemicals and habitat loss. Since 1900, the UK has lost 20 species of bee. A further 35 bee species are considered to be under threat of extinction. It’s not too late to save our bees but we have […]

Friends of the Earth Strategy and the seven programmes booklet

Friends of the Earth has produced a new booklet offering a view on what future campaigns should strive to achieve. Click here to download a copy

Help ban bee-harming pesticides

Friends of the Earth Director, Andy Atkins, has written to the Government asking it to ban the worst bee-harming pesticides. Add your name to his letter.

Three weeks ago the Government ignored scientific evidence and independent experts. It failed to back a two year ban on the three neonicotinoid pesticides most dangerous […]