Turn off your lights
Turn off your lights when you are not using them. The benefits are obvious.

Havant FOE Newsletter - April 2021

Elections on 6th May

South East Climate Alliance have produced useful pledge cards which Havant Climate Alliance is sending to candidates. You can see the card and the linked resources here: https://seclimatealliance.uk/abcdpledge/

If you are meeting any candidates, FOE Climate Action have put loads of resources on their website The Slow Fashion Revolution Monday […]

Havant FOE Newsletter - March 2021

Havant: Green Jobs For All

Join us for a public meeting on Zoom on 24th March at 7pm. There will be a short presentation by Laura Ho from national Green New Deal UK, outlining the aims of the campaign, as well as presentations by Gary Morton, chair of Havant branch of Unison, and Councillors […]

Havant FOE Newsletter - February 2021

Show the Love

February is the month to make, wear or share green hearts, get the climate message out and talk to people about how the climate crisis will affect things they love.

There are lots of good ideas and resources in the Climate Coalition’s Action pack for February. https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/show-the-love Good news day

12th […]