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Do not get a paper phone book
Instead of getting a paper phone book. Use a online directory instead.

Development on an Emsworth Water Meadow

Calls to defer Emsworth homes plan to Environment Agency amid ‘horrifying’ flood and nature risks

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 6th August 2018 Story by Byron Melton


CAMPAIGNERS have called for a planning application to be deferred to the Environment Agency amid fears a development could lead to flooding.

Residents have said Hampshire Homes’ plans for 46 homes east of Westwood Close, in Emsworth, could […]

Ray Cobbett: A study shows the UK would need 1,000 wells on 5,000 fracking pads

The government has given its blessing to the UK’s first fracking operation in Lancashire, despite massive local opposition and mounting evidence of a warming planet.

Most of the claims made for shale gas have been proven wrong. It won’t create significant new jobs or make energy cheaper, since it will be sold at market […]