Avoid black plastic food packaging – and the 16 other essential rules of effective recycling

If you’re not being asked to separate your own recycling, you have a problem. Photograph: photka/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Published on The Guardian website on the 2nd July 2018Story by Linda Geddes

Do you have to wash your tins before recycling them? Are glass milk bottles better than plastic? Do you need to use a bag […]

Great Britain records two weeks of coal-free electricity generation

Emissions from a coal fired power plant. Photograph: John Giles/PA

Published on The Guardian website on the 31st May 2019

Great Britain has hit a new power milestone – lasting for a fortnight without using any coal power to generate electricity for the first time since the industrial revolution.

The system which supplies electricity […]

Bright Green Future Environmental training programme for 14-17 year olds