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Havant FOE Newsletter - July 2021

Havant Green Week 18th – 26th September

We’ve had lots of positive responses about the Green Week and we’re sure there will be lots going on. But we really need Havant FOE supporters to encourage people to get involved. Activities in schools, church services, guided walks will all help to get across the message that the people of Havant care about the environment and want the politicians to do more, especially at the vital COP 26 Climate talks in November.

We’ve shared Neil Layton’s book on climate change with all the primary schools, thanks to Hayling Bookshop, and children are invited to design posters for the week There’s still time!

Find out more about the week and the competition on the Havant Climate Alliance website

Havant Thicket Reservoir

Following Outline Planning Approval by East Hants District Council as well as Havant, the Reservoir is going ahead although more of the details still need to be approved, such as positioning of access roads, walking and cycle paths, location and build of the visitor centre and of course tree planting and mitigating the emissions for the project.

We plan to get involved with the Stakeholders’ Advisory Group and the Community Advisory Group for this so if others would like to be involved, maybe on a specific topic like trees or cycle routes do contact Pat Brooks: [email protected]

River Ems

Friends of the Ems (FOTE) , who are part of Greening Westbourne, held a very informative zoom session on 18th June about the loss of water and water quality from the river. If you missed it you can find all that information on the link below:

There are very few chalk streams worldwide with the majority being in England. They are home to rare and endangered species. While the Itchen and the Test have protection the Ems does not.

It is Portsmouth Water and not Southern Water who are abstracting water from the Ems aquifers and apparently the reservoir will not help as Portsmouth Water are contracted to let Southern Water have all the excess.

While FOTE are still talking to Portsmouth Water and other agencies, they are now hoping to involve the Chichester MP Gillian Keegan.

Local Plan Examination

The Government Planning Inspectorate will be carrying out an online examination of Havant’s Local Plan (for development to 2037) all week from 12th to 16th July. Representative’s from various local groups will have the opportunity to have their say.

If you are interested in watching any of the proceedings, please contact Pat Brooks: [email protected]

Friends of the Earth’s Action network has a new Near You tool which lets you discover key climate statistics for your area simply by entering your postcode. It means you can campaign with confidence – on transport, waste, housing, woodland cover, meat and dairy consumption and more. Crucially, Near you compares each area’s performance to government – and Friends of the Earth – targets. So you can learn exactly where your local authority needs to do better.

On 22nd July (6:30pm – 7:45pm) there’s a webinar explaining it all You can register here

Havant Climate Alliance Meetings

Meetings are via Zoom on the first and third Wednesdays and the next one will be on July 7th from 7pm. Contact [email protected] if you’d like the details

you can find out more on the website at or follow on Facebook or Twitter: @HavClimate

Portsmouth Green Drinks – Thursday 8th July at 6:30pm Meet up by Canoe Lake. Trial the Jetsam plastic logging app around the park and beach.  User feedback is paramount in making this as impactful as possible.
National Events
Let’s Cut the Clutter – 12th – 18th July. Our government at local and national level say they want more people walking local journeys. If we are to achieve this, we must start by clearing up our streets.

Living Streets is asking everyone to help map the scale of the problem, contact local councils and demand action to protect our pavements.

Plastic Free July Challenge!  Join the Marine Conservation Society to help stop plastic waste and become part of a global movement to protect our beautiful blue planet.
Defending Nature Through Legal Action (Natural History Museum) – Tuesday 27th July 1-1:30pm This talk explores how should the law handle those who poach, pollute or otherwise harm the environment?

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