Give things away
Take things that you are not going to wear or use and give it to a charity or someone who will use it.

Ideas for a green and fair recovery in Havant received during the Signpost Campaign

Last month, Havant Build Back Better and Friends of the Earth ran a Facebook and Twitter campaign asking people what sort of changes they’d like to see in Havant, post COVID.

Here’s what they said:


Business and Green Economy
Jobs in renewable energy
Training for new green industries
Greening of homes and businesses
Training young people for realistic green jobs


Green Spaces/ Natural Environment

Small meadow on Scratchface Lane recreation ground
Fruit trees on Scratchface Lane recreation ground
Wildflower corridors
No Mow May
Shallow Pond
Bird Boxes
Bug Hotels
More public rubbish bins  to reduce littering
Green spaces preserved and expanded
Tree planting scheme to provide flowering and fruit bearing trees
More protection of rivers and streams
Sea defences
More allotments


Active Travel/Transport

More cycle routes
Better public transport
Active places
Scheme to pay for renewable energy including solar panels, wind farms and wave energy
Community renewable energy generation schemes



More public rubbish bins  to reduce littering
Make Havant Household Waste Recycling Centre more accessible to reduce flytipping
Council to collect bulky household waste for free in a timely manner
Community waste drops where households can fill a skip with rubbish on a given day and have it taken away for disposal for free
Improved recycling facilities
General awareness campaign to reduce waste
Food waste collection



Double glazing
Heat pumps
Solar panels
More care taken on planning
Provide infrastructure to support new residents

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