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Havant FOE Newsletter - October 2021

Have Your Say

Hampshire CC are inviting comments on the Local Transport Plan 4 which is the Hampshire Strategy for the next 10 years.

Come to our next meeting. Share your ideas on improving cycling and walking around Havant Borough. Wednesday 13th October 7 pm

Tipner West

Lots of groups, including the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust are challenging the damaging ‘super-peninsula’ plans at Tipner. This is a vital habitat for endangered wading birds, fish and invertebrates, a precious carbon store and is home to bacteria and algae that help to improve the water quality across Portsmouth’s estuaries and the wider Solent.

This special area already has the highest possible level of protection for wildlife.  Allowing it to be drained, concreted over and built on will undermine wildlife laws and set a dangerous precedent for building over protected habitats across England.

Join the call for climate justice at the COP26 Conference

It’s vital that we get world leaders to agree to effective cuts in greenhouse gas emissions at this conference in November

We should start to make our voices heard in the lead up to COP, whether it’s by spreading the word about the talks or pressuring decision-makers.


You can use these handy resources from FOE

Sign the Climate Declaration put together by the Climate Coalition

March, Rally, Shout and Sing for Climate Justice!

Put 5th and 6th November in your diary. Hopefully lots of people from Havant will join the rallies and marches in Portsmouth

If you want to get more involved, there’s a Facebook group to help with planning

The Billion Seed Challenge

Keep up the community spirit after the #GreatBigGreenWeek and plant wildflowers to green up your local area and show that you believe that the decisions made at #COP26 will make a difference. The seeds planted will be a lasting legacy, just like the decisions made by Boris Johnson and other world leaders.

Get involved at

Events coming up
Wilder Art Exhibition

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th October – 10-4pm

Bask in the beautiful works of our local artists who themselves have been inspired by the nature around us.  Book your tickets online by paypal (donation required).

Fair Trade Talk

Monday 11th October – 7-8:30pm

Find out what Fairtrade certified means and the difference between Fairtrade logos, schemes and certifications.

The Campaign for Clean Air (Friends of the Earth)

30th September 7-7:45pm

Fixing the Climate Gap: One Repair at a Time

Friday 22nd October 7-8:30pm

Havant FOE Newsletter - September 2021

Havant Big Green Week 18th – 26th September

now has a programme of over 50 events with more than 30 groups involved. There’s everything from bug hunts to litter picks on paddle boards, films to displays about local groups.

There are guided walks to introduce you to bird-watching, local ecology and trees; there are climate conversations so you can learn more about what’s going on.

There are exciting programmes in a number of schools and special services around the Borough. You can find plenty of opportunities to get involved with litter picks and woodland clearance and everyone is invited to the Mayor’s green, zero waste Fairtrade coffee morning on 17th.

So do have a look at the programme on and share it as widely as you can. We’re particularly keen to get the programme out to young people as there are lots of events planned for children.

We’re also keen that people take action afterwards – join a group, take political action, make pledges. And we are trying to build on a green hearts theme in photos and with pledges.

See more here

Urgent action needed

Havant Borough Council has produced a Climate Strategy which is going to Cabinet on 8/9 and to full Council on 22nd September. We have some serious concerns about the strategy and members of FOE and HCA are contacting councillors to ask questions and suggest improvements.

We are keen to see more community engagement, protection for biodiversity, clear targets and monitoring systems and a real emphasis on active travel. We’ve put links to the strategy and some comments on so do please take a look and let local councillors know what you think.

Lots of groups are campaigning on the COP26 climate talks happening in Glasgow this autumn. This is an opportunity for the climate movement globally to come together to demand climate justice and highlight the solutions needed to the climate crisis. FOE are encouraging our network to get involved in the Global Day of Action on 6th November.

Check out the online campaign guide for more information.

UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

There’s a new COP26 coalition group to plan Portsmouth for 6th November and it would be great if lots of Havant activists lent their support

The launch is on 16th September

Havant FOE Newsletter - August 2021

Havant Green Week is coming up in September and there’s still time to get involved. Could you offer to do an assembly in a local school, show some videos at a coffee morning, persuade a local minister to hold a special service?

All the events planned will be on the Havant Climate alliance website and we’ll have printed programmes and posters by the end of the month.

This is our Havant Borough Big Green Week poster, by Rebecca Nastri of Warblington School

Find out more at

If you check out the Havant Climate Alliance website with that link, you’ll find new pages with resources for schools and faith groups so it would be great to see loads of people using them.

Some schools are planning their own Green Weeks and others have exciting projects related to growing plants and tacking plastic pollution.

Faith groups are invited to hold special services in the lead up to COP 26 and there are lots of great new resources.


COP26 Is an incredibly important conference because it’s so important to get every country to commit to rapid cuts in emissions but at the moment the signs aren’t great and the British Government is still investing in new fossil fuel projects, airport and road-building programmes and not putting money into the infrastructure we need.

So please do everything you can to raise awareness and make sure your MP knows what you think.

Friends of the Earth have produced lots of resources for us to use.

Havant Borough Council

The HBC climate strategy is being discussed at the full council meeting on 22/9 so watch out for details. We can’t see it until it has been approved by the HBC cabinet.  Once it’s accepted by the Council, there’s lots more work to be done on turning the strategy into an action plan. We are writing to the leader of the council asking for more community involvement.

The IPCC report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has just released the first of its three part 6th Assessment Report (AR6) which shows that the opportunity to limit warming of the Earth to 1.5°C or less is closing.

The door may be closing, but it hasn’t slammed shut yet, meaning that bold action now will still be able to keep warming to 1.5°C. It also shows that they have reached an important consensus on the fact that the fingerprints of manmade climate change can be found throughout the climate system.

Changes in rainfall, heat extremes, growing intensity of tropical cyclones and compound events (for example, heatwaves and droughts happening at the same time) can all be attributed to human activity.

As campaigners, we need to put forward the case that it’s still possible to limit warming to 1.5°C, to counter ‘doom-laden’ narratives that make it harder to achieve positive action at COP26 and beyond.

Southampton Airport

Airport eXpansion Opposition Group (AXO) are a group fighting the expansion of Southampton airport has raised half the money it needs for a judicial review so do consider donating Southampton Friends of the Earth is campaigning hard on this.

Find out more here

Near You

Don’t forget the really useful tool to find out our well our area is doing on lots of key indicators

FOE are inviting us to: Taking part in the COP global day of action
(25th August, 7:00pm – 8:30pm)On 6th November, as the UK hosts the COP26 United Nations climate talks, people across the world will be taking part in a Global Day of Action to demand climate justice. Join this session to find out how you can get involved.

Register here

Another national FOE event: Using Social Media for COP and the Global Day of Action
(7th September, 5:30pm – 7:00 pm)As we approach COP26, join us to find out how you and your group can use your social media skills to call for climate action and a just transition.

Register here

Net Zero Local Conference
(Wednesday 29th September)This free virtual conference is being organised by Climate Emergency UK, Ashden, CAT and Aberdeen Climate Action.  It’s called: From Inspiration to Practice: Delivering Net Zero through Local Government.”

The idea is to showcase innovative, local government-led net-zero projects from throughout the UK and Europe. It looks like a really worthwhile event.

Find out more here

Havant Climate Alliance Meetings are via Zoom on the first and third Wednesdays and the next one will be on 18th August from 7pm. Contact [email protected] if you’d like the details

you can find out more on the website at or follow on Facebook or Twitter: @HavClimate

Local government and net zero:

This strongly worded report from the National Audit Office highlights “serious weaknesses in central government’s approach to working with local authorities on decarbonisation, stemming from a lack of clarity over local authorities’ overall roles, piecemeal funding, and diffuse accountabilities.

This hampers local authorities’ ability to plan effectively for the long-term, build skills and capacity, and prioritise effort.”

Powershift:  Local Authority powers relating to climate action:

Local authorities should be the cornerstone of delivery of Net Zero in local communities.  But as the Climate Change Committee and others have pointed out, they lack the power and support to do that job effectively.

new report from UK100, a network of local authority leaders, drives this point home. It is “the most comprehensive examination of the duties, powers and policies available to local authorities and combined authorities in England – and the gaps – ever undertaken.” So it’s worth a read.


Developers are keen to snap up our precious greenfields in Havant Borough. The applications below illustrate just how vulnerable our remaining sites are.

Many more applications will be coming in the near future. If you would like more information on any of them, contact Pat Brooks at [email protected]

Land south of Lower Road Bedhampton

Despite Havant Council refusing the latest planning application for 50 homes on the site.

The developers went to appeal and the Inspectorate have now given permission for the development to go ahead, despite recognising a number of negative consequences, including that on the historic environment of Old Bedhampton, and problems from increasing local traffic etc.

Southmere Field. APP/21/00647

(field west of Langstone Road and south of the Mallards)

Persimmon are requesting planning permission to build 65 homes on this 2.9 ha. undisturbed pasture, used for hay, which provides roosting and feeding for Brent Geese and Waders, including Curlew.

As land within 90 metres of Langstone Harbour this is precious coastal land which will be needed to support these bird populations into the future. It will be argued that Warblington Farm can provide for the birds if this goes, by providing part of a chain of ecologically linked small nature reserves around the Solent.

But we would say that it is also important for there to be a large enough area overall to allow species to adapt to climate change into the future e.g what happens when sea levels rise and Farlington Marshes are lost to the waves? If you wish to object you need to contact Havant Borough Council by 4 pm on 13th August.

Appeal to the Government Planning Inspectorate about plans to develop in Tournerbury Woods on Hayling Island. APP/18/00943.

If you have concerns about this, you need to contact the Inspectorate by 26th August.

Plans to build a Distribution Warehouse on the site of the Pfizer building in New Lane Havant. Demolition APP/21/00783

Sue Holt has already put in an objection to this on our behalf. Although we support the development of brown field sites, this type of development will vastly increase traffic and pollution through and round Havant, and would be better placed on the edge of town adjacent to the motorways.

There is a new application for the demolition of the old building between 21st September and 22nd March. If you have any comments to make about this they need to be with the Council by 17th August.

Campfield, north of Bartons Road, next to Havant Crematorium. APP/21/00678

Further application for 70 homes. Any comments need to be with the Council by 20th August.