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Hang outside to dry
Get a clothes line or rack to dry your clothes. Your clothes will last longer and you will save money.

Hands off our Trees

Two perfectly healthy trees outside the Leisure Centre in Havant are to be removed by Havant Borough Council so people can see the Leisure Centre’s sign. As the trees are located on council owned land they are not protected by Tree Preservation Orders as the council itself acts as the guardian of the borough’s trees. It’s a bit like the police telling themselves to obey the law.

The trees, an ash and a London plane, were planted in the eighties. Havant Friends of the Earth has pledged it full support to opposing the council’s action. The decision process allows it to be called in for scrutiny and this action has been taken by a number of councillors. The meeting to reconsider the decision will be at 12 noon on the 21st December and will be at the Town Hall. It is expected that strong representations will be made by Havant’s tree warden network backed by other groups.

Click Here to view the trees on Google Earth

For further information E-mail Frances Jannaway

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