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Raising the profile of cycling on Hayling


Published in the Portsmouth News on Tuesday 3rd July 2012

CYCLISTS who want to know the best routes around an island have been given a helping hand.

Cycle Hayling is a group which campaigns for better cycle access around Hayling.

Together with cycle group CTC Portsmouth and Hampshire County Council they have arranged for three large cycle maps to be erected at strategic positions around the island.

Wilf Farrow led the project with the help of Hayling Graphics and Hayling county councillor Frank Pearce who provided funding through the communities fund.

Mr Farrow said: ‘Cycle Hayling appears have to already succeeded in one of its ambitions – to increase cycling on the island by raising the profile of cycling generally.

‘One of the signs is at the north end of the Billy Trail on Hayling, one at the southern end of the Billy Trail by the Station Theatre and the third is by the ferry. Even while the signs were being erected passing cyclists were admiring the signs and many positive comments have been received by residents.’

Cycle Hayling also produces cycle maps which are now in their second edition.

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