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Plant a tree
It is good for the air, can keep you cool, and can increase your property value.

Drought in Africa proves hot topic at top Havant Water Festival

MAKING A SPLASH Eloisa Denton-Ebbage, five, from Havant by the water wheel. (112537-3642)

By Ruth Scammell Published in the Portsmouth News on Monday 18th July 2011

We all take it for granted – but a festival in Havant has been highlighting the importance of water.

The Staunton Water Festival, now in its […]

Havant youngsters shine in solar challenge event

FUN Children at the challenge

By Jeff Travis Published in the Portsmouth News – Monday 27th June 2011

SCHOOLCHILDREN became shining examples of how to care for the planet when they designed solar-powered vehicles.

Children from across schools in Havant got creative and used recycled materials to make a moving vehicle with a […]

Solar Challenge to Havant Schools

Havant FOE will be among the judges on Friday 17th of June to assess entries in the the county-wide Solar Callenge. Teams of children 8-11 compete to build solar cars from kits of materials. The Havant leg, being held at Staunton Community Park, is one of five across Hampshire the winners of which will […]