Havant FOE Newsletter - August 2023

Drilling for Oil

Campaigning groups have been shocked by the Prime Minister’s recent announcements like maxing out North Sea Oil deposits. Friends of the Earth already has a petition calling for now new oil, coal or gas and now seems a good time to share it. And why not let your MP know what you think of these plans?

Sign the petition here and tell the government: No new coal, oil or gas projects

Havant Eco-Fair

Our Eco-Fair will be on Saturday 23rd September in Havant Park from 11am – 3pm. There will be lots of stalls and activities – more details shortly. If any HFOE supporters could help out for a couple of hours, that would be great. We need people to help set up gazebos etc, guide stall-holders to their sites, deal with queries and keep an eye on things.

If you can help, even for a while, please contact us at [email protected]

Make the Polluters Pay

Wealthy countries are failing communities on the frontline of the climate emergency who have done the least to cause it. Despite promises at COP 27, there is no target to timetable to the promised Loss& damage fund. We need one before COP28

The Make the Polluters Pay Coalition is calling for richer countries to accept their responsibilities and to tax the fossil fuel companies to fund loss and damage. There needs to be an international and properly funded loss and damage fund and realistic taxes on the main polluters – the fossil fuel companies

Sign the petition here and read more about the planed day of action on 23rd September.

New Resources

The United Nations Association has told us about their new UK Live Wildlife Cameras and Documentaries, where you can watch wildlife from your computer Live 24/7 !

A suggestion might be that you can take notes of wildlife behaviour, most of them in their natural habitats. This platform can also contribute to any ongoing research.

The Live cameras have night vision as well, and you will be surprised how active wildlife can be at night. Click here to view the UK Live Wildlife cameras

They have also told us about a Climate Change Monitoring Platform which now includes Climate Intelligence from Copernicus Europe, and the ISS Quad Live Stream, and more world Live cameras to keep an eye on the global situation.

Waste Prevention Survey

Hampshire County Council’s Waste Prevention team are currently running a survey looking for ways to help people reuse items that might otherwise be thrown away. They are particularly looking at how people purchase second-hand items, borrow or rent items instead of buying them, and repair and refill items.

Please Participate in the Household Waste Reuse Survey it only takes about 10 minutes and needs to be returned by Sunday 17th September 2023.

Energy Supplier Profits

British Gas have posted record high profits, almost 10x higher than their previous record yet Ofgem plans to INCREASE energy supplier profits from October 2023

Change.org have a petition to challenge this

FOE Resources for Councils

Friends of the Earth have excellent resources for councils like Climate Action Plan for councils , which covers a wide range of topics from housing and nature to waste and recycling. There is also 10 explainer guides that set out how you can get your council to take action across each topic.

We have put links to the most useful publications on the Havant Climate Alliance website

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