Havant FOE Newsletter - May 2020

Friends of the Earth are asking us to take action on trade deals
Donald Trump wants a toxic trade deal with the UK. And UK Trade Secretary Liz Truss is kicking off these dangerous negotiations, despite the pandemic.

A US trade deal could harm nature and the climate, especially if rushed. It could see food on our shelves made using chemicals that are currently banned, or pumped full of unnecessary, harmful antibiotics. It could mean giving US investors the power to influence our environmental standards.

This is a scary time. We’re all worried for friends and family, doing our best to keep one another safe, and relying on our government to do all that’s needed to beat this pandemic.

Now is not the time to focus on this trade deal. The government’s priority right now must be tackling coronavirus. This means calling a formal halt to all planned negotiations until people in the UK and around the world are safe.

Please read the open letter from our co-CEOs, Miriam and Hugh, to Trade Secretary Liz Truss. Ask her to halt the trade negotiations and tell the US that our health and environment come first. Click here to sign the open letter

And here’s an article about it from the Independent. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/coronavirus-trump-trade-talks-brexit-boris-johnson-a9500341.html


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