Havant FOE Newsletter - June 2024

Havant Borough Big Green Week

Our Big Green Week starts on 8th June with our Give and Take event in The Meridian Centre which runs until 16th June.

Check out the programme on The Big Green Week website and Search for events near you and also please tell your friends!

Please note: Our event on Biodiversity in Havant that was scheduled for the 12th June has been postponed due to the General Election.

The General Election

Did you know that 83% of people in the UK think the Government should do more to tackle climate change?

We need to get this across to all of the candidates for the General Election, and remind them that we need action on people climate and nature.

You can find plenty of ideas and advice on the Friends of the Earth website.

The Climate Coalition

The coalition has put together a page full of ideas and resources, which they would like us to use and also share the information in hustings.

Find out more on the Climate Coalition website

You can also Download this poster

South East Climate Alliance

SECA have produced an Election Toolkit earlier this year, with information on national campaigns to get climate onto the election agenda.

They also have a Guide on how to organise a hustings. It was written for an earlier election but it’s just as relevant today.

The Climate Justice Coalition

The CJC has put some useful links together on their Info Hub – General Election 2024 page, collating actions and resources from the climate justice movement to help you get informed and involved.

Find out more on Info Hub – General Election 2024

Friends of the Earth

FOE aren’t asking for candidate pledges, but they are asking us to raise these issues with candidates:

  1. A £6 billion a year on average investment programme for home insulation, including funds for council-coordinated street-by-street programmes in the areas most in need.
  2. An ambitious new climate action plan that delivers on our global pledge to help prevent catastrophic climate change. The UK’s new climate action plan must be credible, ambitious and urgent enough to ensure the UK meets and exceeds its crucial 2030 global climate goal, and legally binding national targets with deep cuts to harmful carbon emissions. A new climate action plan must deliver long-term green jobs, secure Britain’s industries, and protect and support workers.
  3. An end to the sewage scandal and action to clean up the water and air pollution that’s harming our health and threatening our waterways, wildlife and nature. Enshrining the right to a healthy environment in UK law would give communities the power to hold companies and government legally accountable for polluting activities locally and improving access to the health and wellbeing benefits of green spaces and trees.
  4. Action to ensure the UK plays its part in global action on the climate and nature crisis, including through new rules to prevent companies harming nature and people through their supply chains and a greater financial contribution to support developing countries adapt to extreme weather and grow clean economies.

Zero Hour – Climate and Nature Bill

Please do keep supporting the Climate & Nature Bill which is being organised by Zero Hour

They are asking us to get candidates signing up to pledge their support for the Bill.

Zero Hour has an Action Page for each constituency where you can sign up as an individual or a group, and see which of your local candidates are backing the bill.

Please ask the groups you belong to pledge their support.

Restore Nature Now March

The march will be in Central London at 12 Noon on the 22nd June, and will have an added urgency as it comes less than two weeks before polling day.

This is a massive event supported by 150+ nature and environment charities, ranging from the National Trust to Extinction Rebellion, and calling for urgent action on the climate and nature emergencies.

If you’re planning to attend, you can Pledge to March on the Restore Nature Now website and to build up momentum ahead of the event.

Meeting this Month

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 5th June, starting at 7 pm via zoom.

Just email us at [email protected] if you would like the link.