Havant FOE Newsletter - April 2021

Elections on 6th May

South East Climate Alliance have produced useful pledge cards which Havant Climate Alliance is sending to candidates. You can see the card and the linked resources here: https://seclimatealliance.uk/abcdpledge/

If you are meeting any candidates, FOE Climate Action have put loads of resources on their website

The Slow Fashion Revolution Monday 26th April at 7:30pm

Email: [email protected] for the link.

Anne Sayer of Planet Aware and HCA will be talking about how we can change our relationship with clothes.

In our consumer society, bombarded with adverts., we accumulate crazy amounts of clothes.  But it doesn’t make us any happier. More stuff just adds to our stress levels.  And the planet is suffering from “too much stuff syndrome” too.

The COP26 Coalition have planned 4 days of free online talks from 22nd-25th April. It’s definitely worth taking a look. https://cop26coalition.org/global-gathering/


From 18th-26th September we are joining with other members of The Climate Coalition to organise the Great Big Green Week – a huge call for action on climate change before the key climate talks in November. And we need you to help us make it the greatest, biggest, greenest week of action the UK has ever seen!

There will be national events like large concerts but the idea is also to have lots of local events like open days at wildlife projects, bike rides, open gardens, fairs. So we’re inviting people like you to host events and activities to raise the profile of climate change and how it is impacting the people and places we love right here in the UK and across the world.

Together we will show our communities, local decision makers and the UK government that it’s time to step up. Find out more and sign up at greatbiggreenweek.com

NB it’s Global Car Free Day on 22nd September…maybe something to link in with activities for the Great Big Green Week!


Friends of the Earth  YouTube series brings you live chats with experts tackling climate hot topics. In a recent episode, activists Mikaela Loach and Shaira Begum joined us to unpack climate as a social and racial justice issue. You can watch this conversation and catch up on all episodes in the series on our YouTube channel.

The link for the Climate and Anti-Racism talk is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAvYncc9EDc

FOE has also released an emergency plan for green jobs for young people which they hope will help us to make the case for green jobs locally.

The plan provides detailed analysis of the impacts of early unemployment – a young person unemployed for one year can lose up to £133,000 in earnings over the next 20 years. It calls for 250,000 Green Apprenticeships to address the climate and youth unemployment crises, and it spells out the co-benefits of green jobs.

Don’t forget that Havant Climate Alliance meets via Zoom most Wednesdays. The next meeting is on Wednesday 21st at 8pm (later than usual because we have arranged a training session at the start. After that, Wed 5th May at 7 pm. Contact [email protected] if you’d like the details

Find out more on the website. https://havantclimatealliance.wordpress.com/ or  follow on Facebook or Twitter: @HavClimate.

Peat bogs are rare ecosystems – wild areas which are home to a wealth of plants, birds and insects. They also store three times more carbon than a forest. Digging out peat for use in garden compost is environmental vandalism. So could all you keen gardeners stop friends and relatives from buying it and tell garden centres to stop selling it. https://www.forpeatssake.org.uk/
The new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a harmful piece of legislation, posing a serious threat to some of our most fundamental rights, criminalising the lifestyle of nomadic Gypsy and Traveller communities and limiting access to nature.

FOE and Havant Climate alliance have signed letters of protest but let’s get lots more individual signatures. https://act.friendsoftheearth.uk/petition/add-your-name-defend-right-protest

Waste of Space campaign – The Wildlife Trust have a new tool for identifying little spaces across Hampshire that are wasted space and could be homes for plants, trees, creating links in nature corridors.
You may have heard that Pfizer are pulling out of Havant and have moved their distribution centre to Belgium. Developers have submitted a Planning Application (APP/21/00200) for a “last mile” storage and distribution warehouse/depot on the site.

They do not name which firm will be operating the depot. While we have made a case for good insulation, solar panels and increased biodiversity around the new building, a lot of concerns remain about the traffic impact on Havant and the roads around it.

Havant Civic Society have been conducting a forensic examination of the paperwork available so far and here are their conclusions:

There will be approximately 2,500 movements per day of HGVs and LGVs through and around Havant. While it is proposed that some of the LGVs will be electric, many other vehicles will be diesel powered.

The “last mile delivery” reference is misleading. Only about 5% of traffic will be delivering to Havant with 95% delivering around Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey.  Two thirds of this traffic will be at peak times.

This operation will be unlikely to create new jobs in Havant. 150 employed by Pfizer will be made redundant and the developers talk of this site being a consolidation of other smaller sites with no-one being made redundant. Therefore, it is likely that they will be bringing employees with them from other depots. This may generate additional lengthy journeys for these employees to reach their work.

You can see more information on the Havant Civic Society website: https://havantcivicsociety.uk

There are a lot of objections on the Council Planning website, and we will need to raise a Deputation when this finally goes to the Planning Committee.

LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) can provide energy saving advice to vulnerable residents across Portsmouth and the surrounding areas (PO1-PO13).

This is a FREE home visit service that offers advice, free small energy saving measures, and access to further funding for loft and cavity wall insulation. To book a free home visit Call: (0800) 060 7567 (free phone)

Save Our South Coast Alliance  https://www.sosca.org.uk/ Have a look at the very useful website– lots of useful information and something we all care about.
Other upcoming events
15th April – 7.30 pm Let Doughnut Economics change your world – many of you will have heard of the work of pioneering economist Kate Raworth and her theory of doughnut economics.

In this webinar Kate explains clearly and visually how we can make change happen and how it is starting to happen in Yorkshire.

Dorking Climate Emergency have been inspired by the webinar and are really keen to share it widely.  So they are putting on two special showings followed by a Q&A session.
Find out more here

Hampshire Climate Action Network’s next meeting is on Saturday 17th April from 10.00am to 12.30pm If you’d like the link and agenda, please contact [email protected]
Global Dimension, which is a huge database of resources for schools on global issues is launching a new campaign at 5pm. on 21st April.

The campaign will feature a series of short films– following the lives of five young people who, over the next five years, each play a role in rebooting the future.

These films were inspired by a book written by Jonathon Porritt, which will be included as a resource, alongside a set of teaching guides


Wednesday 21st April 7.30pm, online. Ocean Witness Watch Part

Greenpeace’s documentary series about oceans and aspects of its protection. For details and to register (free) visit their website

Thursday 22nd April – The Economics of Biodiversity: Conversations on the Dasgupta Review – to celebrate this year’s Earth Day, United Nations Association Climate & Oceans are launching their first Biodiversity and Climate Emergency Lab, a series of events being held in the run up to COP26.

The main questions they will address are: What should the UK Government do about this? What should Local Authorities do about this? What can we all do at local level?This online cafe-style conversation will focus on the key messages of the Dasgupta Review.  Their guest speaker will be Catherine Weetman, author, Circular Economy expert and founder of Rethink Global.

Starts at 7pm.  Book a ticket here.

1.5 v 2 Degrees Centigrades Celsius: Why Half a Degree Really Counts -Tuesday 29th April at 7.30pm

Join this Science Museum talk where campaigners and experts will debate how best to tackle the challenge of Earth’s rising temperature.

Havant FOE Newsletter - March 2021

Havant: Green Jobs For All

Join us for a public meeting on Zoom on 24th March at 7pm. There will be a short presentation by Laura Ho from national Green New Deal UK, outlining the aims of the campaign, as well as presentations by Gary Morton, chair of Havant branch of Unison, and Councillors Julie Thain-Smith and Lulu Bowerman from Havant Borough Council giving information about Green Jobs locally.

The meeting will then be opened up for contributions and discussion from the audience. Green New Deal UK will be releasing data in March to show how many green jobs could be created in each local area across the country.

Havant Green New Deal wants to make sure that everyone in Havant Borough hears this figure and joins us in demanding investment locally in Green Jobs to help the economic recovery and to create sustainable jobs for the future. Come and have your say!


There’s lots more information on the new Facebook page for Green New Deal Havant Please like and share it on social media

Green Jobs

Do you know about interesting green jobs locally? Do you have ideas for creating green jobs in the Havant area? Are you looking for a green job and finding it hard to access training? We’d love to hear your views.

Green New Deal Havant is looking for people to share their stories.

Share your thoughts or ideally make a short 40 second video which can be shared on social media on 23rd March.

We want to make sure that everyone in our community hears this figure, joins us in demanding Green Jobs.

Read the preliminary report here https://www.greennewdealuk.org/updates/green-jobs-for-all-report/

Local Elections May 6th

This is a key moment to influence candidates and South East Climate Alliance has come up with a pledge card to ask local candidates if they will commit, if elected, to press their Council to four Pledges:

  • Aim higher,
  • Build partnerships,
  • Communicate
  • Divest from fossil fuels.

We want to make sure climate change is at the front of both candidates’ and voters’ minds as they go into the election. Find out more: https://seclimatealliance.uk/abcdpledge/

FOE are running a training session: How to lobby your council election candidates on 15th March.

Climate Action have put information, resources and training opportunities on their Elections 2021 hub page

Also they have created some new images  to use to get the word out about local campaigns.

COP 26.  The international climate conference in November is a really vital moment to raise governments’ ambitions and get them to commit to policies which will keep global temperature rises down. There are lots of good ideas around and you can find a summary and links to the key groups working on this on http://www.campaign.exchange/campaigns/cop26/

The coalition is organising a second programme of talks From The Ground Up #2: Take  Action Now  which has now been postponed to 22-25 April

This four day global online gathering will include 24 dedicated sessions focused on some of the key issues facing our movements today, including

  • How do we build power in our communities and workplaces for climate justice?
  • How can we mobilise millions of people into taking action to stop fossil fuels extraction?
  • How can we organise to win?

And this is an article from the latest South East Climate Alliance newsletter https://seclimatealliance.uk/cop26-call-to-action/

Climate Action have produced a strategy for the year which they’d like us to share with local groups https://takeclimateaction.uk/resources/climate-action-groups-2021-strategy

They are also collating views from climate activists: https://friendsoftheearth.typeform.com/to/OQc59gxH

Warblington Farm Nitrates Scheme up for an Award.

We have news that Havant Borough Council has been put up for/or has put itself up for an award from the CIEEM (Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management) for its innovative scheme to turn Warblington Farm, a mixed dairy and arable farm, into a nature reserve, so enabling a Nitrate Credit system which allows housebuilding to go ahead.

Much was made of this being a high Nitrate producing farm, so reducing production would theoretically reduce the amount of nitrates entering the Chichester and Langstone Harbours. Calculations for this were based on a mathematical formula from Natural England based on an average of Nitrate run off for different types of farm in the Solent area.

Our understanding was that there was low fertiliser  use on the farm, although we have no measurements to make our case. The 90 cows are probably the larger source of nitrates, but for the time being they remain, even while Nitrate Credits are being issued.

Even by Natural England’s calculations, there are types of farm like pigs and poultry which produce far more nitrates, so such a farm would be better used for nitrate mitigation and have a more significant effect on reducing harmful nitrates in our Harbours.

And there is also a whole other issue about how Southern Water discharges of its stormwater.

One would like to object to this award, although we have to admit that the Warblington Scheme is a clever, innovative and cheap (HBC’s own land) solution to enable house building, even if it isn’t helping the Harbours much.

Also we do not have the scientific evidence of nitrate levels on the farm to make a concrete case against it. So our arguments are a bit hypothetical. However if anyone thinks that we should be making a representation to CIEEM please let me know.

Further Planning Application for 195 houses on land north of Sinah Lane

This remains under Appeal by the Planning Inspectorate and HBC have already said that in theory they will permit it, but the original application APP/18/00724 has had a few tweaks so these now need approval at the Planning Committee on 10th March. In case anyone wants to present another deputation it needs to be with HBC no later than 4pm on Monday 8th March.

Trees are great for helping tackle the climate emergency, storing carbon and providing shade and habitats. Hampshire County Council intends to plant more trees on residential roads during the next planting season, starting in November 2021. The council would like your help to identify suitable locations.

If you know of a local street that could be improved for people and enhanced for nature by the presence of trees, please nominate it by using this form

Hampshire Solar Together

Hampshire County Council has just launched a new scheme to cut the cost of solar panels. It’s a group buying scheme (with iChoosr) for homeowners and small businesses. They will gather details of interested people over the next few week, then iChoosr will select approved solar panel suppliers to quote for all the installations. The aim is to get a discount on the usual price..

To register, or find out more, visit the Solar Together webpage.

The Committee on Climate Change has produced a very interesting supporting paper on the role of local authorities in delivering the UK’s Net Zero ambition.

It highlights the current disconnect between what central government and local authorities are doing, and aims to provide a framework for aligning climate action at the local level with the CCC’s pathways for the UK.

The report provides important ammunition for local councils to argue for greater support from central government for their climate action efforts, and an altogether more joined up approach.

Green Drinks Portsmouth

Thurs 11th March, 8pm, Irreplaceable: Urban Green Spaces We’ll be joined by Julian Hoffman, author of ‘Irreplaceable: The Fight to Save our Wild Places, and will be discussing the value of urban green spaces for both wildlife and human wellbeing.

Thurs 25th March, 8pm, Portsmouth Climate Board Update We’ll be joined by Nick Sebley for an update on the Board, launch of the new website and new strategy.

Greentech South supports businesses in the low carbon sector and publishes a monthly eNewsletter with lots of local events, details of funding and more. You can read it here, and subscribe to get your own monthly copy here
Havant Climate Alliance Zoom MeetingsDon’t forget that HCA meets via Zoom most WednesdaysThe next meeting is on Wednesday 17th at 7.00pm

If you would like the details on how to join in please contact [email protected]

Find out more on their website at https://havantclimatealliance.wordpress.com/ or  follow them on Facebook or Twitter: @HavClimate

Havant FOE Newsletter - February 2021

Show the Love

February is the month to make, wear or share green hearts, get the climate message out and talk to people about how the climate crisis will affect things they love.

There are lots of good ideas and resources in the Climate Coalition’s Action pack for February. https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/show-the-love

Good news day

12th February is a day to share positive stories about what people are doing to make our world better. Find stories to share on social media. And use the hashtag #showthelove

One thing everyone loves is good health but that can be threatened by climate change too. The Climate Coalition has just produced a new report on how the changing climate affects our health. https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/health-report

Local elections

On Thursday 6th May there will probably be elections across England for around 150 local councils, 7 Metro Mayors and the London Mayor and Assembly. These elections could make a real difference to the fight for a green and fair future. FOE have produced new resources. https://takeclimateaction.uk/elections/elections-2021-have-say-your-communitys-future

Other FoE resources Don’t forget that FOE has loads of really useful materials, especially on taking action with local authorities and also runs webinars and training sessions https://takeclimateaction.uk/join

2021 is a key year for the climate because we have vital COP26 climate talks in Glasgow in November and because the prediction of our reaching points of irreversible change are very clear. There are lots of events planned for 2021 and lots of groups involved. They are mainly linked into the Climate Coalition and the Cop26 Coalition. Lots of groups are also part of the Green New Deal UK which has produced plans for a post COVID recovery with Build Back Better.
The COP26 coalition is organising lots of events including a second programme of talks 27-28 March 2021and is planning to mobilise people all over the world in the lead up to the crucial climate talks in November. You can read their latest newsletter.


Green Jobs – Do you have ideas for creating green jobs locally? Are you finding it hard to access training? We’d love to hear your views. Send them to The Green New Deal will be producing a report on what jobs could be created in each constituency in early March and we are organising a meeting to discuss the report on 24th March at 7 p.m.

Read the preliminary report here https://www.greennewdealuk.org/updates/green-jobs-for-all-report/

Greenprint for South Hampshire

The Partnership for South Hampshire, a group of 12 local Authorities, including Havant, are working on a green recovery for the region. This will focus on social, economic and environmental factors. Policies will include: safeguarding biodiversity and natural capital, addressing health and skills inequalities, supporting green infrastructure initiatives, developing affordable and efficient housing, creating sustainable jobs and construction. There is a risk of these objectives getting lost under other pressures like maintaining housebuilding numbers or lack of funding, so it will be up to us to remind our Councillors about it.

Water Quality

The Partnership for South Hampshire are investigating a long-term solution to excess nitrates in our local Harbours and Solent. They want a sub-regional mitigation strategy, probably in the form of more land being set aside. Warblington Farm is seen as a relatively short-term solution for Havant. Natural England and the Environment Agency are reviewing permits for Southern Water Wastewater Treatment Works with view to reducing nitrates and pollution. The 2nd reading of the Sewage (inland Waters) Bill which could benefit our water quality, as been postponed for the time being due to Covid pressures.

Havant Borough Council’s Constitution

The Council have agreed an updated version which will bring it more into alignment with that for East Hants District Council. This will make it easier for staff who work across both Councils. Councillors insist that previous issues of corruption at EHDC have been addressed and will not affect Havant.

Outstanding Planning Applications

  • New Lidl by B&Q at Purbrook
  • Changes to Mill Rythe Holiday Village
  • 195 houses near Sinah Lane, Hayling
  • Lower Road Bedhampton.
  • Brockhampton West Landfill Site
  • Havant Thicket Reservoir
  • Regeneration of 5 – 11 East Street, Havant
  • 191 flats on the former SSE site, corner of Bartons and Petersfield Road
  • Aquind Interconnector

If you would like more information on any of these please contact Pat Brooks via [email protected]

Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 is from 22nd Feb to 8th March is on the theme of climate – how people in poorer countries are already hit by the changing climate and how Fairtrade can help. There’s an online festival as well as events around the country. There are loads of excellent resources for schools, including materials to use at home and an invitation for young people to share their vision of the world they’d like to see: There are also good short videos which could be included in a virtual coffee morning or a service and plenty of materials to share on social media.


Join us for a local event Climate, Fairtrade and You at 6.30 on Monday 1st March https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/climate-fairtrade-and-you-tickets-140578583327

Actions to take
Saving Bees

On 8 January 2021, the UK government temporarily authorised the use of a bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticide. Neonicotinoids can contaminate the soil, waterways and wildflowers, threatening our bees and other wildlife.

The department for the environment (Defra) is drawing up a new Pesticides Action Plan. If enough of us speak up, we could help reduce the use of pesticides in our countryside.


Stop Heathrow expansion

The Supreme Court has overturned our historic victory on Heathrow’s third runway, allowing the project to proceed to the next stage. Expansion at any airport would be a disaster for climate.

But there is hope. The judgment is by no means a “green light”, and Boris Johnson has the power to scrap the policy decision to support Heathrow expansion. Join us in asking the government to stop plans for a third runway.


New Coal mine for Cumbria. An amazing decision when the government is promising to decarbonise the economy. Please add your voice to this Greenpeace petition https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/news/government-coal-mine-robert-jenrick-climate/
Hampshire Pension Fund

If you or your friends are in HCC pension fund and support divestment, email [email protected] (If problems, email [email protected]). You can read the background at https://www.winacc.org.uk/hampshire-pension-divestment/

Local Transport consultation

Hampshire County Council is running a consultation on their local transport plans so do take some time to share your thoughts. Please respond to HCC LTP4 questionnaire, whether or not you want involvement.

https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/localtransportplan    Deadline 28th February to respond


Portsmouth Green Drinks meeting – Thursday 11th February at 8pm.   Andrew Waggott, Energy Services Manager at Portsmouth City Council will talk about the Home Energy Support Service which is expanding to cover all homes across the city.

Don’t forget that Havant Climate Alliance meets via Zoom most Wednesdays. The next meeting is on Wednesday 17th at 7.00pm

Contact [email protected] if you’d like the details.

Find out more on their website. https://havantclimatealliance.wordpress.com/ or  follow them on Facebook or Twitter: @HavClimate

The Government’s Committee on Climate Change is running a series of webinars:  the Path to Net Zero series, available at https://www.theccc.org.uk/news-insights/coming-up/. .On Wed 24th from 10.00 to 11.00 it’s focussing on what Local Authorities can do. They are all recorded to watch later.